Technical equipment
and machinery

We have multi-spindle lathes:

  • AS16/25
  • AS20
  • AS32
  • AS48


The experience acquired over the years has enabled us to offer long-lasting, top quality products at a fair price. We use GILDEMEISTER multi-spindle modern lathes. The assembly of the screws is carried out with the latest generation, automated transfer machines and the latest generation robot controlled lines. The test room is equipped with sophisticated test equipment which completes the production cycle.  

ceramic 1/2" 90
ceramic 1/2" 90
ceramic 1/2" 90 asta lunga
ceramic 90 asta lunga
ceramic 1/2" 180
ceramic 1/2" 180
ceramic 3/4" 90
ceramic 3/4" 90
ceramic 3/4" 180
ceramic 3/4" 180
ceramico ridotto
ceramic ridotto
ceramico incasso
ceramic incasso
ceramico sicurezza
ceramic sicurezza
ceramico mini
ceramic mini